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Re: Post Modern Aikido?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I hope so too. Do I see an Aikilab Mark 2 in Bristol? Mmmmmm.

Liked your story of the youngster. Kids can be so natural.There are always some people who appear and amaze you. We used to have a lady come and watch as her boyfriend was quite good and was thus given more responsibility for teaching.

I never interfered or said anything but noticed when the guy was having a hard time getting through to a student she would slip off her shoes, step on the mat, take the student and put them down and then say "that's what he's asking you to do" then go back a resume watching.

Oh, and liked your description of your experience with Mary Heiny too. Nice.

I know that Mark will always find his way to sharing his knowledge, and hopefully his dilemma will direct him to an even greater understanding of aikido that he can then share with us to enrich our experiences!

Can you imagine the aikido between the woman you described and her teacher boyfriend at home? Lol...
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