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Chris, of course we can only write about what makes sense to us, and in my practice I have found that the further I stray from a mind of acceptance (including say, an acceptance that If I fight there is someone in the world who can beat me) the less likely I am going to experience the magnificence of an effortless manifestation of aikido. In my dojo, no one goes along with a throw and if I try to throw anyone the aikido will fail or both partners feel that force was used to obtain a result - a throw.

Usually the evidence is in retrospection, that is I thought I was being non-competitive at the time, but in the failing of aikido to manifest, I must acknowledge the fact I had a disguised intention which was ultimately defensive, not harmonious.

By working this way, aikido for us will only manifest with intention to connect to uke's center in a harmonious way, even in harmony from a hard style aikido perspective, but the way that connection is made also produces an effect on the conflict resolution or lack of.

One can send a concentrated flow of ki to uke's center (hard style aikido) or send that energy with the intention of supporting. When this state of being occurs within nage, whether nage is a seasoned instructor or our lowest ranked student, the aikido manifests instantly. It will manifest instantly as well if the state of mind is about counter attacking with using aiki principles, but in terms of victory over self my purpose in practicing aikido failed because it makes me feel personally powerful, no matter how my ego wants to dress it up in some kind of faux humility. I definitely prefer the feeling of the matter turning out well at no one's expense.

I see no reason to compete for this reason and from my perspective, anyway, my reasons are in alignment with Osensei's reasoning. It may not appear like that to anyone else.

I mostly entered this forum discussion because people were saying they could find no written evidence of Osensei prohibiting competition, and if he did, why? and I had been reading that very page the other day.

As for whether Osensei was there and allowed that struggle to ensue in the "rendezvous with adventure", as brilliant as Osensei was if you read the biography in the book Aikido you can see a mere human trying to live up to his own visions and ideals, not a god (who like you and I, never shows one sign of hypocrisy or ego!). I can't imagine Osensei watching his student go at it with this brute from the U.S., pitting aikido against good old grab-and-throw-ya, and thinking "Yes! My student has found the essence of this art!" Can you? All I can imagine is that Osensei had retired for the day and that student was really lucky that Osensei never caught that show on netflix... lol
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