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Re: training in the long haul

Christian Mikkelson wrote: View Post
Aikido is very different. There is no "peak performance window," not even any timeframe goals excepting testing.
I would guess that for many, seminars and training-trips could very well be viewed as "peak performance window". Going from maybe 6 hour/week to 6 hour/day is quite a ramp up in intensity and in my experience many have to take classes of after the first day or two.

On the other hand, if the goal or concept of supplementary training in aikido is injury prevention, then something completely different should be conceived with a systemic training program that includes things like beginners' instruction in how not to injure people and a way of teaching techniques that relies on something other than trial and error for student progress. My guess is that because of the types of injuries common to aikido, performance-oriented training like weights is less useful than improving focus, resolve, and partner-awareness. (Again, this sounds a little like Yoshinkan aikido... what can I say?)
Doing lots of similar training without supplementary exercises for mobility and strength is a sure way to get injured in the long run regardless of sport (this is equally true for runners and cyclists as aikidoka), this is usually something that programs for running etc point out and adresses while I never have seen this in an organised fashion in aikido.
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