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Walter Martindale
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Re: training in the long haul

yes, it's true that stretching prior to high-level competing or hard training can actually take away from performance. And, I agree that most of the exercising done prior to a training session isn't sufficient to be considered "training". I recall being told of a conversation between my sensei and Okano Isao (all Japan judo Champion some time in the late 60s) - Okano apparently insisted that he never did anything other than judo for training, but my sensei bumped into him at the Kodokan's weight room when Okano was pounding away on the bench press and doing some huge weights in other movements - "I thought you said you only did judo for training" - Apparently the reply was "this is judo"..
Who's going to argue with an 80 kg all-japan champion?
Training - if you're truly training - is more than dojo time - just like in my professional side training is more than just boat time - in a 12-workout week, 2-3 weights sessions and 1-2 run or bicycle sessions supplement/complement the time spent in a racing skiff.
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