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Re: training in the long haul

Training for a lifetime is merely going to class one day after another.... for a lifetime. It's harder than one might think.

Life is strange. I know, Captain Obvious. But, life moves us around, sometimes it driving us, sometimes us chasing it - and, at times, us carrying it ploddingly onwards with the weight across the back and shoulders. Martial art is a part of our lives, but sometimes not part of the lives of those around us with whom we share those lives, those we love, like and sometimes those we only tolerate or outright acknowledge that we do not care for.

We may leave a place for another place, and in the changing of places, the circumstances almost always change. But, we can almost always find a place to practice/train. In something.

Someone might need to leave their classes (but perhaps not practice on their own) of shindo muzo ryu jodo, for example, to take up iaido of one of a few varying styles, or perhaps even sport kendo. Each is weapon based of course, but each is as different from the others as a pine tree is from an apple tree is to a willow (not drawing parallels). Still, there is much to be gained from "merely" continuing to train, yes?

Injuries happen. Above, in Ewen's response to Benjamin, he relates how he has slid away from judo practice (sounds as if he was in a serious sports club, which can be a lot of fun, but there's a lot of conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy going on, eh?) to stick with his aikijutsu, but his partner caught him a couple times when something went awry. As he said, it happens. If the aikijutsu practice gets a little "too" realistic or combative/competitive, punches landing might become more commonplace (throwing punches is a simple, learned skill at the basic level, compared with the methods of dealing with them effectively via the various forms of aiki, right? You would agree with that?), his opinion might change a bit, and he might yearn for the good old judo dyas of a dislocated toe, rather than a fractured orbital socket. I've been in a class where a tori zigged when he should have zagged, "smack" combined with "pop" and off to the hospital someone went. Uke was horrified at what happened, but it does happen. Where was I going? Oh yes, lifetime training and a point on the physical fitness side of things.

Just for health's sake, everyone should be doing some sort of exercise which promotes accelerated heart rates, to get into the therapudic training zone, usually the easiest way to know when you are is when you break a sweat, sort off like the body's parallel to kicking on the radiator fan. We really "should" all be doing tha 3x a week, but life gets in the way.

I guess I felt like rambling, so I did, and lost my way. But, I taught class last night, took some good techniques from my two guys coming up for nidan, tweaked some of their stuff, and we'll be back at it on Tuesday. Just how it goes, and has gone, since 1975. Ouch... coming up on 40 years of practicing ... something. Not age. Ouch I say...

I find it interesting that the kanji character for kuzushi illustrates a mountain falling on a house.
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