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This topic takes me back to my old dojo, where after having been friends with Sensei and his wife for many years, all of a sudden little things started to go south. Sensei would take deep offense at the most innocuous things I'd say, along with other strange and irrational actions and responses ranging from the simply odd to the totally bizarre. It escalated to him avoiding me completely to the point where he would work one on one with each and every other student in class except me, and culminated with him asking me to leave the school. His wife would not talk to me or respond to my calls or notes in any way. I was utterly baffled. I'd done nothing to warrant such extreme treatment.

Many years later I learned that Sensei had a full blown case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He was a control monster and told his wife to cease all communications with me! I found this out after they had divorced and the wife called me out of the blue to tell me all that had happened.
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