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Re: Definitions

Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
I think the question was "What is MY definition of Aiki", not my style's definition of Aiki.
Understood Larry - I actually like your definition. Actually at the Shodokan you never here a statement like "apply Aiki". You do here things like apply kuzushi, tsukuri, sen no sen and we all know about sen sen no sen. When we hear the term Aiki in the practical sense it is all of these lumped togeather. As I mentioned in the previous post Aiki is part practical part esoteric and when you go to either extreme the connection is lost resulting in something else.
Yes, I have read the Shishida/Nariyama book-very concise and practical in the tried and true Shodokan way. Could use some better english though .
You should have seen the first round - that was really really bad. Except for the parts I did of course. It was smoothed out but basically it was a direct translation from Japanese and that will always sound strange.
The examples of Aiki from the book include: "A situation in which two people stand facing each other", "When facing an enemy, this gets to the point of Aiki, waiting and seeing how one beats the other"...
This is my favourite of all. I really like the imagery here and if anything it defines my view Aiki (as sen sen no sen).
I would not even begin to assume that I know what I am talking about .
You are doing pretty good. I have yet to read anything you put down that hasn't been food for thought.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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