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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

I don't know how he got access to cadavers either but I'm sure I could read all about it if I cared more.

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
Adolescent males who aren't shaving yet have fuzz. This stuff is connective tissue - likely collagen - a protein...
So he chose a simple name for a particular subtype of connective tissue and thus he is an idiot? He called it "loose, aereolar connective tissue with relatively minimal adipocyte proliferation which intervenes at specifically predictable places," but that's a terrible name. "Fuzz" is fine as a shorter nickname.

I think it is a pretty good idea to strive to differentiate a big category into smaller subcategories. That's a sign of learning. Connective tissue is a huge category, including bone and tendons, but we still lack so many important distinctions that we use "fascia" as a catch-all for all connective tissue that we don't understand. Should we try to figure out what makes up "fascia" or "miscellaneous connective tissue?" Sure! Or, we can mock anyone who tries to suggest that we do that.

Saying it's just a single protein like collagen is just rampant oversimplification (it's probably some complex of fibroblasts that are migrating and secreting new collagenous ECM as they migrate), and thus certainly wrong. But I doubt anyone will mock you here for saying that.

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