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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
...does anyone have any descriptions of how they use "kokyu" (physical or otherwise) in their aikido training?-- Jun
I started playing with KIAI a while back in order to shake beginners out of complacency during RANDORI. The teacher where I'm training frowns on KIAI ("Jesus, Don, you scared the **** out of me!") so out of consideration, I do voiceless KIAI now, a kind of Goju Karate-style fierce breathing, if you will. I find that it sinks me deeper into the ground upon throws, upsets UKE-they often KIAI themselves upon flying-and causes people nearby to start. It also makes me feel invincible, all these results being in the nature of discoveries rather than intentions.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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