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Re: Aikido dojo in Hong Kong

Bing Yen Chang wrote: View Post
I think it's better for me to stick to Yoshinkan until I get my 1st Dan.

Anybody knows any information about Yoshinkan dojos in Hong Kong?
There is a worldwide Yoshinkan dojo directory on the Yoshinkan hombu website, here:

Note that it lists no Yoshinkan dojos for Hong Kong or China.

However, also note that there was a split in Yoshinkan a short while back. Chida-shihan, a highly respected Yoshinkan practitioner, left to found his own organization, called Renshinkai. So there are now multiple international organizations teaching Yoshinkan-style aikido.

I have a different suggestion for you. Defer your university for one year. You will go to Kyoto, Japan. There you will enroll in the instructors' program and learn from Payet-shihan, the sensei who is instructing me. In one year, you will have a shodan rank, but your skill level will be closer to a nidan or higher, and you will have an instructors' license. Then you can move to Hong Kong and open your own Yoshinkan dojo. Details about the instructors' program are on the Mugenjuku Dojo website. The next course starts in April, 2014.

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