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Re: What He learned from his near mugging

Matt Morris wrote: View Post
Life is a roll of the dice. Walk away from the mugger, he leaves, great Aikido. Walk away from the mugger, he shoots, or stabs you, sad for you, sad for him. Take on mugger - you win and he losses - great Aikido. Take on mugger - he wins you lose, Aikido lacking (perhaps), you sad.

What if? But....

You rolled the dice, and it worked out for you. Lots of people do the same, it works for some, and not for others.

The reason I say this is that the long, dribbly posts about this story are just that - you can say what you like, a lot of luck is involved. Yes it can be mitigated, but when dealing with an unknown mugger, with an unknown weapon you aren't mitigating risk, or practicing good Aikido, just rolling dice.

"Many who deserve to live, die. Many who deserve to die, live. Such is life and death."

Any active duty Police Officer, or soldier, will tell you this.
Yup. This is so true in my experience. I have "lost" many more encounters than I have "won" and the only thing that matters is that I am still here. These days Martial Awareness helps allot to avoid putting myself in situations where the dice are rolled. You never know when your number is up. Thats why I choose to avoid playing "the game" if at all possible, and I highly respect those men and women whose profession it is to take my place against those idiots that think they're never going to lose when they wish to hurt people.

William Hazen

PS. Thats why I love Game of Thrones both the TV Show and the Books. Conflict,War, and Death do not favor the "good guy". Practice Hard. If you're lucky... your life may depend on it someday.
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