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Re: What He learned from his near mugging

Walter - I think things are a little different these days. But the laws of self-defense ARE different in Japan - what is legitimate use of force. It would be worthwhile doing some research on this, as they may have changed since I researched them in the 1970's.
Sometimes, however, being foreign (probably of European ancestry, at least) can work to one's advantage. There was an infamous case where an English karateka intervened in what he perceived as a man molesting a woman (he was, in fact, trying to get the drunken woman, the wife of his best friend, home) and when the karateka intervened, the man squared off and the karateka kicked him in the head. The man fell, hit his head on a curb and died. The decision of the court went back-and-forth, but the karateka was eventually exonerated, in part from what the court described as his "chivalrous intent." My visa sponsor, the leading authority on self-defense laws in Japan told me that no Japanese person would have been found innocent in those circumstances.
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