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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

fuzz.. give me a break.
It's called "connective tissue". If, after an injury, the person doesn't do mobility/stretching, it's called "scar tissue". if, on the other hand, after an injury, it's not given time to heal, muscle can start to ossify (turn to bone - calcify) to keep from being continually damaged before they've had time to heal. I think this is called "myositis ossificans".

fuzz. seriously?
When you lie down at night and spend 8 hours or so sleeping with no gravity on your spine, the discs re-hydrate and swell - you end up as much as 1.5 cm taller in the morning than you were at night. Stand up, stay up, and after an hour you're back to normal as the effects of gravity re-compress your vertebral discs and squish out all the water they accumulated overnight. Muscles, having also laid down overnight, tend to stiffen a little - it only takes 6 hours of immobilization for a muscle to start making permanent structural changes to its length - and I think that lesson was from an anatomy professor way back when I was learning my coaching career...
Fuzz... Some martial arts people will believe anything.
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