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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

We really should tell new students something about it, or maybe put one of those dangerous substances warnings on the first uniform/gi a new students obtains, buys, or is given, or place some sort of disclaimer at the bottom of their waiver they sign at the beginning of the first class.

How about:

DANGER: Aikido techniques look very pretty, flowy and sometimes "fake." Do not assume this is the actual truth. A change in hand position, body movement, grasp, or even the intensity of the technique's performance can lead to intense pain, joint disruption/destruction, lifelong maiming, and death.


Then again, let's just keep talking about it in class, just saying "When you get to this point, you ... Could ... just go over here instead..."

*collective gasp of student body **

I forgot to mention that I agree with Marc's original post, if that wasn't clear from the above.

The discussion of "fear" was enlightening, too, and I also agree witht he analogy of the concept of awareness being fear-linked. I always look both ways, sometimes twice.

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I find it interesting that the kanji character for kuzushi illustrates a mountain falling on a house.
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