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graham christian
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I have to say Graham that i have a problem when somebody, no matter what their rank, poses on the internet as some kind of greater source of knowledge with which to whitewash the already established norms of knowledge, in exactly the way you have tried to do now with Aikido's spirituality.

Before I begin my answer proper I'd like to suggest to you a couple of things you could do to get those creative juices flowing... study another language. buy a teach yourself book and learn chinese swahili and french like i have done. read good literature, such as julius evola. meditations on the peaks is a good place to start with him. And read philosophy if not at undergraduate level then at least at college. This might teach you a thing or two about knowlege, which is the root of all thinking, which itself is the root of spirituality and not the other way round. We need both our minds and bodies to be complete human beings, only then and only then can we hope to realize the fullness of our spirits. It is not the other way round!
Do I pose? Are you posing now? Maybe we both pose.

Thanks for the suggestions. May I suggest the zen koan 'cup of tea' or indeed any zen koan. Start with a cup of tea and finish with 'the sound of one hand clapping'

I like true mind, true spirit, true body, true heart and true void myself.

Such is my way and may you enjoy yours too.

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