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Re: Saito sensei's method

So I read these articles. Twice. Even after second read I can’t find any revolutionary ideas, only some very obvious statements. Pretty basic level of describing simplistic biomechanics.

I couldn’t find even smallest explanation about Aikido. Everything is about The Method. What author is describing are the minor adjustments to the deadly static form (kihon).

Author is trying to describe adjustments – hellas – adjustments are NORMAL part of any technique execution, even in kihon practice. You would not do the same form of kihon with 2 meters tall slim uke and with 1.5 m 150 kg uke, would you? Why author is wasting his time for such triviality?

This form of kihon is quite inefficient anyway. Even beginner can see it with naked eye.
Let’s start with the posture of uke. All way down uke is never unbalanced. His legs support strongly his center. Tori is so much occupied with wrist manipulation and keeping his hands in front of his own belly that he forgot to attack uke center. Because uke bended his upper body from hips down doesn’t mean he is unbalanced LOL

During the execution of the form, tori is walking in parallel with the line of his uke feet. It means he is allowing uke to turn his hips – consequently it means a possible counter. So we can see here a major opening in the technique. This opening should be fixed BEFORE we can start talking about uke’s wrist and elbow.


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