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Bernd Lehnen
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Hi Graham,

Spiritual or Spirituality can mean a lot of things, they're very vague, not quite precise expressions, if taken out of context.
As "Christian" you might talk about things from "fides quae creditur" to "fides qua creditur" i.e. from "personal acceptance of faith" to the "act of faith" .
But this is only one of many possibilities. You might talk about "sacred things" and you might talk about "personal development".
Graham Christian wrote: View Post
So a very wise and able man spoke nonsense?

I didn't say that. In fact, through Chris Li's translations I got an inkling that he was a very practical thinker and that he gave very practical advice to those who understood.
I simply don't see any connection between what you might want to say and what he is supposed to have been saying.
I still don't know, what you're talking about.

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