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Re: Spiritual

Graham, I tried to be polite using a question mark at the end of my statement. And I used it to suggest that you reconsider your thoughts about the relevance of body in daoism in general and in Ueshiba's spirituality in particular.

The use and the relevance of the body in daoist spirituality is different from it's role in zen. This is simply not a question of what spirituality may be to you.
Also in Ueshiba's spirituality the body plays a crucial role.

The thought of awake / asleep does not really relate to those concepts.
"Feeling" is one possible translation of ki (Which is used in our context a lot.) and relates deeply to the body in those concepts.

ki-shin-tai-ichi is one expression of not to tear those three dimensions apart.

of whehter you like it or not.
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