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Elliot Freeman in Westford, MA July 13

Posted 2013-06-09 20:57:46 by John Araujo
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Aikido Of Bristol County in New Bedford, Ma & Bushikan Aikido From Westford Ma. is honored to host again Elliot Freeman Sensei 6th Dan, from Three Rivers Aikido, St Louis MO. For a ONE DAY 4 Hour Tenshin Aikido Seminar!

Freeman Sensei has devoted his life to Aikido and since 1992 Freeman Sensei has been a friend & student of Steven Seagal Shihan. Freeman Sensei became one of Steven Seagal's top students and has nearly 40+ years in Aikido and instructs full-time at his St. Louis, MO Three Rivers Aikido Dojo an Official Tenshin Dojo under the direction of Steven Seagal Shihan.

Freeman Sensei will bring his mastery of centering and Aikido connection to New Bedford, Ma for a special seminar on July 13, 2013

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