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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post

............Our choice not to harm, or do as little harm as is necessary, to the attacker is a matter of choice, not built into the waza. I have written about this in more detail here.

In this life time I have been in very few fights......none in the last 40 years, but it is very clear to me that against a determined (and worst yet a skilled) opponent the choice to not harm is really not available..... Your choice is how to get out of the situation with as little harm to your self as possible. Maybe the choice of tools ( weapons) can effectively result in more or less damage to you or to the attacker.....but in the moment you just deal and check the results later.

Your choice of tools and how you choose to use them may effect less damage and the targets you choose may also......but you have to train that into the body/mind. As for myself these days I always target the body, I expect to have to fight the attackers weapons....his hand and feet....before I can physically enter...if I do.

And in the end I would never set myself up before hand, in the moment, by saying to myself I choose not to harm this person........
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