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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

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I understand that you practice Ki-Aikido? (Or an offshoot of it?)
No and no. While Maruyama sensei was originally affiliated with KI society he split with Tohei not too long after I started studying. His Aikido is uniquely his own and as of a decade or so ago (the last time I saw him) bore little resemblance to Ki-Aikido.

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In the Ki-Aikido that is taught in Germany and follows Yoshigasaki dōshu (his nomenclature) the waza are explicetly designed to not harm the attacker. (For example kote gaeshi was transformed into kote oroshi, other techniques underwent a comparable process aswell.) In the Ki-Aikido of Yoshigasaki dōshu this goes so far that there is even no kuzushi, because breaking balance could cause bad feelings.
Sensei never espoused these views and neither do I.

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In this way of practice the peacefullnes, whatever that means in detail, is direct part of what you practice and do, it is part of the waza itself.
Again, I can't relate to this since it's not part of my experience as a member of Kokikai or as an independent practitioner. Our choice not to harm, or do as little harm as is necessary, to the attacker is a matter of choice, not built into the waza. I have written about this in more detail here.


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