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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

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There can in some instances where both these approaches can be combined but that does take a great deal of effort and frankly there are not many who can really ever achieve a practical application and balance of both those simultaneously. The problem I see are the one's who focus the most on peace and harmony yet asset their style allows them to effectively deal with a serious aggressor. That very likely can be a formula for at a minimum a painful reality check.
Agreed. But the name of one of those few was Ueshiba. So we're sort of stuck with the task of trying to reconcile them ourselves, if we're serious about practicing his art.

He left us clues in his life and words--simultaneously the art that kills on first contact, and the art of peace. Omit the first, and you have vapor. Omit the second, and you have thuggery. Engage both and you might at least be on the path.

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