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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

We all come from different perspectives and approaches to our "aikido". The problem I have is when people want and claim the best of both worlds. There is the world of perfect harmony, balance, peace, cooperation, and brotherhood. All of which are fine and you can tailor your aikido practice toward those goals. More power to you and I do believe you can have a very rewarding aikido practice and experience based on that approach. You also can focus on the self-defense or "budo" aspect of the art focused on taking proper decisive action against an opponent who is actively trying to overcome you with physical force.

There can in some instances where both these approaches can be combined but that does take a great deal of effort and frankly there are not many who can really ever achieve a practical application and balance of both those simultaneously. The problem I see are the one's who focus the most on peace and harmony yet asset their style allows them to effectively deal with a serious aggressor. That very likely can be a formula for at a minimum a painful reality check.

Blair Presson
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