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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

So.......I should stay out of this because nothing will change........ In any case at my age I have had enough years around any number of types of people that it is not the words that spike my anger or my fear ( both anger and fear should be friends and part of your tool kit) rather the tone and presentation of the words that flavor the real meaning of the usage. I have been around the use of the work "patience" when it has meant that and when it has not. I have had folks tell me what I am doing is so marvelous when I can tell that they don't. I have been around people talking to another about a balanced life, about getting together, about working together while sticking the knife in the others back with one arm around their shoulders. If I feel anger or fear...they are indicators and I ask myself why....I look around to see close the loop before to be used as part of a complete set....coming from a full and connected self .

As for me....while most situations we tend to get ourselves in can be talked down, not every situation can be. The intention of the individual(s) placing themselves in your way can be determined at the moment, it has to be. If the intention is to do you harm in some fashion then you have to deal with that in the moment. At my age I can't afford to throw people away from me to have them get up and come back. If there are more than one it would be in my best interests to take one or more out of play quickly. This doesn't mean I am operating out of anger or fear....just doing what is needed to keep ME safe.
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