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Re: 105) Aikido- Martial Arts Hidden Within: June 2013

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
While I agree with some of what you wrote you seem to becoming from a place of fear. I think that the practice of Aikido creates a peacefulness within which in turn we can project to the world.
I agree with this. You get scared of what might happen if you are walking down the street and suddenly____. You get scared that your Aikido practice is irrelevant and not valued.

Exploring the destructive aspects of Aikido seem like a fine thing to do in either case, IMO. This type of training can renew your respect for your own art and its potential, and the responsibility you have for your training partners who work with you on the mat.

There might be a danger if you manifest too much anger or will to harm another, I suppose. Though that would be because you have to deal with that anyway, in order to really find a peace within you that you can project to the world.

Worse is the danger that you may find yourself performing the harmful technique in a situation where your uke would not otherwise expect it and might not be ready for it. It is up to the instructor to teach his or her students to be respectful of what they are learning.
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