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Re: Proper way to tie an aikido obi?

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Hello Everyone,

I have Karate background and have only recently started training in Aikido. I noticed that many students in the dojo tie their obi in different ways but there is doesn't appear to be a consistent approach.

I decided to do some research on line and found numerous videos/articles on the subject, and that is how I discovered this forum.

So, my fellow aikido practitioners, I thought I would find out what your thoughts/opinions are on this matter!?

Thanks in Advance,
I also have a karate background, and I put the center of the belt at my one point, and then simultaneously wrap both ends behind me and back to the front. Many of my fellow Aikido students put one end of the belt at their center and wrap it all the way around until it comes back to the front, and then shift it over so they have two ends left they can tie.

I find that version inefficient and will happily continue to tie my belt the way I always have.

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