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Re: Interview with Aikido Shihan Shigenobu Okumura, Part 2

I guess my point was that in answer to Oisin's question, there are 2 main answers, but one of them may have been more assumed (by the deshis) than it was enforced (by O-sensei).
From Aikido Journal interview with Nadeau sensei:
I wish I could remember the first question I asked him, but I can't recall. Whatever it was, he apparently liked the question and invited me to come spend time with him. At first I got some bad vibes from some of the seniors, but then O-Sensei kept asking for me so they relaxed. A lot of it was just to be in his presence and to try to absorb something, like osmosis. For example, I made an audio tape of O-Sensei with the older Kurita brother and Henry Kono. He was very intent on trying to get the essence of Aikido across to us. There was so much said that Henry Kono and myself spent a month hashing it over.

I would communicate with O-Sensei by asking questions that I thought were major directions for my spiritual development that had begun years before in the States. I knew he was very advanced. So I would say, "Does the Universe work this way?" and explain myself. I would ask him a major directional question. He would confirm or correct and then I would work with that information.
There's more quotes in there, but my point was that it seems to me O-sensei was wanting to share, even to the point of entertaining questions. As long as they aren't the "Sensei, please tell me all the answers now" kind of way. I guess he enjoyed discourse with those who try to do some reseach/inverstigation on their own, besides just picking O-sensei's brain (which is in line with the "Terrusan, find out for yourself" quote).
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