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Re: Rei and Controlled Violence

To most people, "etiquette" = "being polite" or "being nice". I think, though, that really it's like a networking protocol, if I can use a geek analogy. The purpose of the rules is so that each party will know what any given action signifies, and will be able to behave accordingly: you send me an ARP request, I send you an ARP response with my MAC address, because I know that's what you want. You walk up to where my friend and I are blocking the sidewalk talking and say, "Excuse me," I move aside because I know you want to get by. Reigi's a protocol, first and foremost functional. I do a kata with a partner and lose, I withdraw in a certain way to signify that I don't intend to continue my attack. And, because you understand the protocol, you let me withdraw (if you're kindly disposed) because you know that you can safely do so. Reigi is a protocol. It's not about ceremony, and it's not about going around like a live fuse imagining threats in everyday life either.
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