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Re: Rei and Controlled Violence

Yes, the concept of Rei can be nicely described and explained. It will stay only word on paper or sound, if it is not truly understood and applied in daily practice. In aikido world, we can make an easy generalization, it is mostly empty concept. Ppl preserve some kind of external form, but inside doesn’t exist. I like to think it is due to lack of danger of the practice. There is some kind ‘overprotecting’ philosophy in western society backed up with existing law mixed with some spiritual aikido concepts taken out of context.. Because of that, many ppl dare to behave badly, they know well there will be no nasty consequences to them.

However, once somebody feels a real danger (to his health or life) during practice, suddenly a real understanding of Rei appears. Statistically it has more chance to happen when both of aikidoka have high physical skills in application of the techniques.
I could see many cases at that time young black belts that were very arrogant, few years later you may see their understanding of the etiquette changed.


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