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Sean Moffatt
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"THIS is why we need to follow tradition. Because, aikido was not meant to change anymore. When O'Sensei died, after he gave us the aikido characterized as "post-war" it was "perfected", changed enough. It was, it is already something that we need to work with and study, NOT study how we can make it characteristic to ourselves. This is tradition. The proof obviously shows what happens when we don't follow it. I am biased, that is evident especially when you all read this: who are we to think we can start modifying this art until we reach the level that we first found it at? Mastered the art? Fine, then you get to start changing it. And face it, mastery of aikido is an unfathomable task to us mere humans. Or maybe herein lies another problem: those people out there that do think they are attaining mastery."

Be careful what you say here. O'Sensei never defined technique. It was all "Kame-waza", devine technique. He was inspired by God (or whatever invisible man in the sky we ask help from)at the execution of the technique. Then it was forgotten until the next attack. The Aikido we train in today is really the styles of Kishomaru Ueshiba, Osawa, Tohei, Mochizuki, Tomiki, Shioda, Saito, Shirata... all the others who opened up a school in the name of Teaching Aikido. THEY ALL DID IT DIFFERENTLY. THEY ALL HAVE THEIR OWN TRADITIONS. O'Sensei DID NOT set anything in stone. THEY DID! IT IS THERE TRANSLATIONS OF O'SENSEI'S TECHNIQUE. Listening to what O'Sensie said is like reading the Bible; everyone has there own interpretation. Read "Aikido Masters" by Aiki News (Stan Pranin). In each interview, when asked how O'Sensei taught technique, all of O'Sensie's students commented on how difficult it was to make sense of his explanations. He used a lot of spiritual analogies.

O'Sensei Perfected his own Aikido. The Aikido that only he could do. All the others developed there own interpretations.

I'm sorry Eugene. But you are wrong in this respect.


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