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Daniel Pokorny (Mongo) wrote:
Certainly would be, and perhaps one day we will realize that concept after the mothership returns and takes away all the horrible violent bad people in the world... jeeeez!

Note that I did not say that it was realistic, I just said that it was simple, even simpler than your statement. It was a comment on your statement. Just because a statement is simple, does not make it correct.

I was also trying to say that the reason I took up Aikido as my "first" MA (I don't count G/R Wrestling) was so that I would be able to avoid fighting. You don't need to know how to fight to realize that you can live without it and long to avoid it. This is why I choose Aikido, so that when the chaos comes, that I might be able to give order to it to balence it, not with brut force, but by entering and blending.

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