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Michael Hackett
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Re: Memorial Day and Zanshin

I see no relationship between zanshin and Memorial Day. As Mary said, Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor the fallen men and women who died in uniform for our nation. As I hear the mournful sounds of Taps, flinch at the sound of the 21 Gun Salute, and look over the acres of marble tablets, I feel a sense of loss and of gratitude for their sacrifice.

Zanshin is simply a component of a warrior's training and skills to me. Like his skill in reading the terrain, ability to use his weapons efficiently, or do land navigation, zanshin is simply another skill. A critical skill, but a skill nontheless. Regardless of the generation of the warrior, zanshin has always been a critical skill to soldiers, as it is today to martial artists as well. There simply is no holiday to honor zanshin.

Now if Memorial Day reminds one of the importance of zanshin, so be it.

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