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Re: The Fear of Power

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Unfortunately, you did not understand my point. I haven't had in mind a pathology in dojo as dealing with 'very strong resisting people who were trying to prove something'. I am talking about a partner not willing to cooperate. It means, not moving if is not necessary. For example, in judo, you are able to perform techniques as many as you wish with a partner who is just standing and doing nothing. Obviously, you do not expect that a person is loosing his balance with every punch?

So, if you are saying that aikido is a martial art, there is still a misunderstanding among us. 'Martial' means war. Same with 'bu' from a two-syllable japanese word "budo". What does it mean: "Aikido is a martial art and if one is training seriously it works"? Do you hurt each other?
You don't have to really hurt your fellow practicioners in order for aikido to qualify as a true martial art. If that was the case, no samurai in feudal Japan would be left to fight or die in the battlefield. They would have killed each other off in the dojo.
Even in a real confrontation, hurting or not hurting your opponent can be a matter of choice if one is an advanced aikidoka, although sometimes your choices are limited by other factors during one fight. The aspect of any aikido technique that shows whether your aikido works or not is that of control. If one is able to control his opponent regardless of any attack, then his aikido works. He can kill him, hurt him bad, or even harmlessly imobilize him according to the situation, but taking control of the attack comes first.
As i have mentioned in my previous post I have applied techniques to people who didn't move because they wanted to prove something, and also to trained aikidoists who were using their experience to stay statical as part of our training. It is very important to be able to do any technique without your opponent surrendering his balance at your feet and as I said before it works. It works if one is trying to hit you without overextending his attack with every punch, it even works if one is simply trying to statically grab you and hold you there without giving you any direction.
After the tori has taken control by using a technique, then and only then the uke rolls or breakfalls in order to avoid his arm getting broken, his head getting injured or worse because during fast advanced practice it can get very dangerous.
Now if you are saying that there are dojos that practice a danceform where everybody is overextending their attack, the tori simply...caresses their wrist and the uke are flying acrobatically around the technique, you are absolutelly right, I completely agree with you on that one. My point was that there is nothing wrong with aikido as a true budo, only with the way these people are training. This is not aikido no matter what the inscriptions outside their schools have written on them.
So in order to avoid that, one does not need to stop practicing aikido or start a parallel training in another art. Simply train hard and seriously in a true aikido dojo.
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