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Re: The Fear of Power

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You obviously don't know what I'm talking about and unfortunatelly you are not the only one.
Unfortunately, you did not understand my point. I haven't had in mind a pathology in dojo as dealing with 'very strong resisting people who were trying to prove something'. I am talking about a partner not willing to cooperate. It means, not moving if is not necessary. For example, in judo, you are able to perform techniques as many as you wish with a partner who is just standing and doing nothing. Obviously, you do not expect that a person is loosing his balance with every punch?

So, if you are saying that aikido is a martial art, there is still a misunderstanding among us. 'Martial' means war. Same with 'bu' from a two-syllable japanese word "budo". What does it mean: "Aikido is a martial art and if one is training seriously it works"? Do you hurt each other?
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