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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Interesting. What I understand, practice and teach as "Internal training" is indeed exactly about constructing "something" new in the body that does not exist before.
So what is this "something" that you are referring to Carsten? Can you be more explicit? Are you putting the word something in quotes because it's not an actual "thing" that is being created in your body? Something in your body did not exist prior to your beginning internal training. After some period of time (weeks?, months?, years?...) practicing internal training methods it emerged. Fair enough. But what is it?

I'm interested because I'd like to have more that a vague reference to "something" as a description so I can relate it to my own training and see if there exist points at which our views converge and meet.


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