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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
You scare me sometimes Larry.

Interesting though how these terms are pretty universal. Have you bought the Nariyama/Shishida book yet - right at the beginning they answer the question "What is Aiki" from a historical to conceptual point of view. Very very clear.
Hi Peter,

I think the question was "What is MY definition of Aiki", not my style's definition of Aiki.

The definition I gave is what I felt comfortable with at the time. It can change, like all things.

Yes, I have read the Shishida/Nariyama book-very concise and practical in the tried and true Shodokan way. Could use some better english though .

The examples of Aiki from the book include: "A situation in which two people stand facing each other", "When facing an enemy, this gets to the point of Aiki, waiting and seeing how one beats the other", "It is important to avoid fighting directly with an opponent's ki".

The oldest known book on Aiki states that "tekijin dokushin no jutsu (techniques of reading an opponent's mind) and kiai (yelling) are the most important parts of aiki."

Finally in the Taisho era: "They say aiki is the technique in which you can take advantage in a battle by reading an opponents's mind".

All of this mind reading sounds more esoteric than practical to me, but then I'm only a beginner in this thing

To me, the only way to read someone's mind (that is, if you're not Miss Cleo) is to become totally in tune with that person. If "every man is a universe" so to speak, isn't aiki about being in tune with the universe?

I would not even begin to assume that I know what I am talking about .

Just train hard and all .


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