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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

This is brilliant. Thanks for that post, osaya. If anyone wants an explanation and reason behind "internal" training and alignment from a western pov, the "fuzz speech" is it. Simple and to the point.

Internal training has a lot less to do with constructing anything new, than it does deconstructing unconsciously-created and stored patterns (and experiences) of energy in the body - which also include emotions and thoughts. It's much more about removing distortions, cleaning the gutters and keeping out the cobwebs. Interesting that fascial build up resembles cobwebs.

One excellent point he makes is being "fuzzed over through lack of movement, either through injury or personality expression." That really ties in the mental, emotional, physical - and even spiritual. Think stiff, rigid thoughts, and become a stiff, rigid person and experience the fun and thrills of rigormortis while you're still alive.

I posted some info and a video in this forum on Creating the Disc. I find that the best time to do it is first thing in the morning after waking up. Every morning is a bit different, and it only takes twenty or so rotations to form "clean" circles. As I'm doing them initially, I can feel the "fuzz" - and the uneven circles - as I move. After I can feel a nice, clean, round disc, then I know I'm aligned. Once the center is aligned, everything else just sort of "falls" into place. This literally takes less than a minute.

Look at babies and animals as an example. Strength and power is intrinsic in our design.

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