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Re: Farewell Aikido

Wow, I wish I could train you, since I have trained in most all martial arts in the past 25 years. I think after all that multiple years of bjj seminars and 4th degree in kenpo/jujitsu sifu of kajukenbo and now finally , fukushidoin in Aikido nidan etc(16 years of Aiki) and now can honestly tell you, Aikido is the only martial art there is, in that it works when it wants too and shows up in lots of other systems, you could say any technique that works is Aikido but it is a frame of mind not a collection of "moves" now disabled, Aikido really is the only sytem besides BJJ that allows you to study deeply and not just fight all the time. You become what you train. Aikido has never failed me, in multiple street fights, games , war in the army...

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