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Kevin Leavitt wrote:
As a martial artist and a military tactician, I firmly believe that you never should try and fight a battle that you know you will lose.
I understand the sentiment (and is very much the approach animals usually take*). HOWEVER I believe that the values we stand for are often more important than out lives because without these values society breaks down (or was Jesus wrong?). Kevin, given this sentiment, would you not serve in a military operation if you knew your chance of survival was minimal, even if it would win a war or save thousands of lives?

I have a very opposing view - you only fight for things that need to be fought for i.e. you don't fight a war for e.g. economic advantage through more power over oil reserves. There needs to be a degree of fairness and mutual agreement, and mutual respect in all situations - you only fight when it is right to fight whether you win or loose.


(* animals do not always take this approach - chimpanzees have been known to attack cheetas to protect the rest of the group, in the sure knowledge they would be ripped to pieces)

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