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Re: Forward roll

James Welch (Jim Welch) wrote:
I'm new to aikido and I have been training for 5 months and I can not do a forward roll. How can I train my mind to tell my body that just roll without the fear of falling?
I know this subject has come up before. You are not alone! Some practical suggestions:

Practise rolls before or after class, each class. Be stubborn. Practise rolling from a sitting /kneeling position. As far as I have seen the arms are the biggest problems for many beginners. What are you taught to do with your arms? It might help to hold them together like a wheel, and roll on the wheel. When your arms are stable enough, the roll begins when the arms contact the mat - not when the shoulder crashes on the mat.

From a standing position, take a deep position with front knee bent and back leg bent. Lean forward so that the roll starts close to the mat. Start so low, that your arms are in contact with the mat. Make sure you maintain the stability in your arms. It is good also because you need not feel you need to "jump" inte the roll, just slowly put your weight forward.

Ask your seniors if they have any suggestions. You'll have to do the work yourself, though.
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