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Re: Where does "Morote Dori" come from?

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Most of the footage we have of O-Sensei is from demonstrations. Saito Sensei told us that O-Sensei taught quite differently in comparison to what he showed at demonstrations. There is some footage of O-Sensei actually teaching students ( I don't remember the DVD it is on, but it is one of the Aikido Journal clips). Here you see O-Sensei doing a series of suwari waza techniques, very systematically. By the way: you see him leading out with shomen uchi - calling the uke's tegatana forth to use the arm for a technique. There is one time when the uke strikes first, and O-Sensei slaps his hand away, and then starts the technique again where he himself leads in.
I always found these two snippets from from the Aikidojournal production: "Morihei Ueshiba and Aikido - Takemusu aiki" to be the main source of visual input to how O-sensei actually taught aikido techniques. Note, that in the second clip there are material cut out from the video where the student actually practice for a few brief moments the techniques the founder just showed.Then the founder shows another technique two times and off the students get to practice for a couple of seconds.

Jakob Blomquist
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