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Re: The Role of Uke in Aikido Training

Ledyard Sensei, I knew something is wrong with how me and my friends have been training but I just don't know what it is.. after I read this article I finally realize how off-Aiki we have been. I totally agree with you on this and would like to share this article with my friends. would it be OK for me to translate this article and post it in my Dojo's website?

I have a few questions..
1. "A grab should achieve kuzushi and have a strike(s) that go with it". do you mean an actual strike(atemi)? if yes, what do uke do when attacking with morotetori or other attacks that uses both hands?
2. regarding the correct body structure/posture, I have always thought that in aikido's kamae, our hands should always be in our center line and our head should always be facing in that direction. is this correct?

thank you

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