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I have personally experienced such a school and after leaving and training where I'm at now, my eyes were opened up after just a couple of months. I'm very thankful to be where I'm at now -- very thankful.

My old school really made a lot of similar talk and had people going to similar kind of seminars. (You know the Combat Ki people? They were on that TLC program recently with the ninja guys. I was pretty close to being on that show myself.) For example, my old instructor would demonstrate a "ki punch" where people stood lined-up front to back and the instructor punches the first person, and then everyone goes backward. He explained that we all fell backwards because of his power of ki when in fact it was just basic physics. Please, please realize I'm not talking about people saying "extend ki" or "focus your ki, here" or using ki exercises. I'm talking about people who truly believe and profess to have special abilities -- think: "Jedi-like" or "DragonBallZ-like." Most of this is just basic physics in the guise of special abilities that takes "special training" to learn. Some people will just call them parlor tricks. My suggestion is to find someone more focused and balanced in their approach.

I'm sorry your instructor is getting involved in this. I know how it feels. It could be a phase so don't burn bridges. But do go look around and see what else you have available. May be train some where else and visit every now and then to stay in touch.

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