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graham christian
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Re: The Path of Learning

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Graham, Thanks for your this description of the learning process. It reminds me of the method of Shu - Ha - Ri. Although your description sounds more linear with mastery as the end, while shu ha ri is more seen as a circular (spiral) method without a definite end as a goal. Was wondering if you intended it this way ?
Hi. Yes I intended it as you say as a more linear explanation. Shu ha Ri is different and yet present if you like.

The reason for this linear look is more for orientation really. So many times we ourselves fall into the trap of believing we are at one level which is not the truth. So many times we see someone at say level two, full of all kinds of data and assume therefor they are at a high level. It is for these reasons I posted it.

At competence, where the data is now no longer 'held' although can be recreated at will in order to pass on information, we may see the best starting point for conceptual shu ha ri in my opinion.

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