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Re: Internal Training Practices within the art of Aikido

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Even if there are specific distinctions between different schools and branches and allthough the daoist qi gong differs in certain aspects from qi gong used in TCM, the system altogether is not a tool I see "used in many tradtions".
There are systems that teach the same things, using different terms and definitions. Tada comes from a Yoga-Tradition, but he said in an Interview that Tempu Sensei just used other words, but in fact it was the same what O Sensei taught.
For example: In the chinese system there is fire and water, in yoga there is prana and apana, if its united through practice, the energy rises up the spine, shushumna nadi ore thrusting meridian chong mei.
There are many analogues, and the exercises that Tada Sensei shows and practices are to some extend, or maybe for the most part the same as qi gong, shi li, nei gong small circle ore other exercises known from chinese systems.
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