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Keith Larman
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Re: Internal Training Practices within the art of Aikido

Bernd Lehnen wrote: View Post
How can I know what I don't know?

That's one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to meeting Dan Harden.

FWIW I went to see Dan on the mat after having known him (in a sense) for a lot of years. I had my opinions and my own biases, but I went with an open mind and willingness. It's one of those deals that if you've been around long enough sometimes you learn to simply take things in stride. I'm one of those guys who enjoys doing seminars, and even if I go to one and walk away thinking "meh, not my thing and I don't agree" at least I have a better handle on how to categorize the person and their discussions in the future. Heck, I went to one seminar years ago hoping for the best but walked away thinking the guy was completely full of crap. Complete fake. At least I learned that I really didn't want to do what that guy was doing... With Dan I walked away with a vastly greater appreciation for what he was writing about. Of course it might just be what Dan's doing happened to resonate with my own training well so it's really more about what I was looking for. But that's really what we're all doing... The thing about all this I find most interesting is that you'll find folk at these seminars with just a few years under their belts all the way up to those with well-lived lifetimes. Sure, there's lots of folk *not* there, those who aren't interested, and that's completely fine as well. I just find it interesting that depending on the personality type you'll find folk from a really broad spectrum of martial arts training. So lots to gain if it turns out to resonate with you. If not, no harm. Just another experience in the continuum of experiences.

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