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Jeff Tibbetts wrote:
Keep in mind that I'm presenting this as my father's argument, I have really come to some conclusions about it myself, but I want to hear how you would all respond to my father.
Why don't you ask him if he believes that others are morally obligated to control his behaviour should he be trying to hurt someone. Does he believe that strangers are responsible for him?
What do you all think about the moral goals of Aikido, during and after the fight, as it were. Am I being painfully naive in thinking that it's a better thing to stop the fight with less injury than to hurt them badly? This is, as has been said, dependant on their intentions, of course.
Personally I think that morals are contained within the person not the art. I don't see anything naive about wishing to cause the least amount of harm. I do believe that one would have to be much more skilled than one's assailant to accomplish that,factor in adrenaline, plus any anger and fear caused by the attack, the shock of it, well you may not have the chance to control your response as much as you might like.


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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