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Hi Chuck;

I agree on all points.

As to the difference between "practical" and "esoteric" however, if one tends to the extremes of either end the connection gets lost. I am very comfortable with Don's quote of Kondo and I am pretty sure Kondo would also, under different context, use something more metaphorical.

I don't see Aiki as just kuzushi for instance but then I also have real discomfort when I hear talk of the "Aiki way of life".

PS. My new adventure starts November 9th with unbelievable facilities.

C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
I see absolutely no difference in the "practical" and the "esoteric". They are the same thing expressed in different language, examples, metaphores, etc. I tend to wax a bit philosophical at times (so I hear...) however we must not get so lost in the large poetic and spiritual view that we forget to actually apply the smallest expression of the whole.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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