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Re: Where does "Morote Dori" come from?

In Budo Renshuu, the techniques listed for "te" are:
Te, katate- wich are all one handed "katate" grabs
Kokyu ryote- which is a ryote dori- both hands grabbed
Mune to te- which is a chest and hand grab
Tekubi- which are all ushiro ryote or both hands grabbed from behind.

In the other works I sited, I also don't see a reference to "katate dori ryo mochi" or "ryote moch". It does however seem that all of the major devisions of Aikido have a "two on one" type grab, even if they don't call them "morote dori". I just haven't seen Ueshiba doing it, although I'd guess he did, because all of his major students do. I'm just wondering when and where it came from.

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