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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

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Just a couple of thought, he didn't really say "Art of Peace", he said "Aikido", John was being a littlle poetic here.
No problem with substituting Aikido for Art of Peace.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Also, the word "spirit" here isn't that simple, it gets into some deep areas that don't make sense unless they are in context with a number of other things he talked about, and might not be quite what most people would expect on a simple reading.
I understand Chris. When I refer to spirit in relation to Aikido it's within a very personal and specific context that dovetails nicely with my idea that Aikido is, at its core, an art that contains no inherent forms. The forms I practice on the mat, when performed in accordance with the principles I was taught, are doorways or windows that enable me to experience Aikido in the realm of a martial art. But hey, that's me. I'm sure Aikido works its way on others differently, in harmony with their own needs.


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